Sunday, April 3, 2011

Swiss Chocolate Tutorial

Welcome Sew2Speak girls! Here is the tutorial for the Swiss Chocolate block for April.

1.   Sew a   5” rectangle to a 5” square using unlike fabrics. Repeat to create 4 sets.
2.   Sew a  7” rectangle (matching the first rectangle) to the block above making a “L” shape. Repeat to create 4 sets.
3.   Layout-- Placing matching fabrics away from each other. Sew 2 together. Repeat. Sew 2 halves together.

4.   Trace 4 petals and 1 center circle on the back of the fusible interfacing. Cut out shapes.
5.   Score the back of the petal with sharp scissors, making sure not to cut through the fabric. Bend fabric and peel away the paper layer.
6. Place petals and center on the block. Please place similar to the picture.

7.   Iron on pressing straight down with no steam.

8.   Sew around the outside edges of petals and center.

You can use whatever stitch you like.  Please use a matching thread.  

9.   Visit here for appliqué help   If you don’t want to appliqué or are not comfortable just send the block back and I’ll finish J  

If you have a few scraps in red, white and blue PLEASE make a block for our soldiers (see previous post) If you send them to me with this block I will send them all in :) Thanks

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Just One Star - Quilt for Soldiers

I just learned about this Quilt blocks for injured soldiers, What a fantastic idea! At work, GMS Tactical, we ship to soldiers all the time and I always want to Thank them for their service. But dont really know how without sounding corny. So...
Check out this site to quilt 1 or 100 blocks to help make quilts for injured soldiers and say THANKS!

I encourage all of you to make at least one block for this awesome project. You have until May so no excuses. I will have some sort of giveaway so take a pic and show a Vet that you do care.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mindy Gledhill Video

So I wrote to Mindy to tell her that I love her music and would love to make her a vintage inspired dress someday. (BTW totally out of character) So she politely wrote back and we tenatively agreed to try to get together the next time she is in AZ. Well one day in Nov she emails and says that she will be in town for her show a that week and can I make her something for her new video "Whole Wide World" that she's shooting on Sat. Can I??? After a lot of back and forth though email and phone I designed her a skirt sight unseen and met her at her hotel for a fitting. After, of course, going to her concert which was FABULOUS! She also needed 2 matching skirts for Mini Mindys, Nies' little girls Jane and Claire. What an adventure! I can't wait to see the video.